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Graduate Regulations

• Graduation Qualification:

  a. Total of 30 credits for graduation, and total of 42 credits for direct admission。

  b. Candidates for Ph.D degree qualification assessment, and the first author has published at least 2 SCI or SSCI papers or 1 impact factor ≧5.0. After the approval of the advisor and the recommendation of the thesis steering committee, who will have the application for the degree exam。


• Lab. Rotation:

At the end of the first year of enrollment, participate in at least 2 lab. rotations, and each is based on 3 consecutive months. Submit a report to the lab. PI for grading at the end.


• Candidates for Ph.D degree qualification exam:

   Exam requirements: Completion of required courses for the first academic year, a total of 9 credits.  

   Time to take the exam: Completed within 2 years of enrollment, and those who fail the first time will take the second qualification exam within 3 months.  

   Evaluation methods: writing plans, oral reports, and oral exam for committee members.  

   Oral exam: The Qualification Evaluation Committee appoints 5 people to form the oral test members, and the oral exam scores above or equal to 70 points are considered as passing.


 Regulations for the implementation of qualification assessment for Ph.D candidates (Download)

Graduation Regulation