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  • Course Program and Features

     Translation agricultural sciences covers the implementation and application of cross-field sciences such as biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and genomics, metabolomics, ecology, and bioinformatics. Therefore, the goal of this program is to cultivate high-level professionals who had scientific research training and can applied it to the translation of biological cross-domain.

The core competencies students should learn through academic courses include: (1) basic biological science knowledge and research capabilities, (2) international perspective, ability to communicate, explore and solve problems, (3) cross-domain thinking, and translating- thinking capabilities of making basic research practical. In addition to the core courses and cross-domain application courses required for translation, this program also includes elective courses based on Taiwan’s biological industry needs. It is divided into three major areas: “Environmental Change and Food Production”, “Pharmaceutical and Economic Plant Science” and "Water Producing Technology". These courses will be taught by interactive teaching or small class teaching which provide more opportunities for brainstorming across different fields. In order to connect the nurtured people with international standards, this program would be taught in English to strengthen international outlook and communication skills.


  • Mission

     To develop the bio-translated technology by combining the forward-looking research results of National Cheng Kung University and Academia Sinica, excellent production and academic cooperation experience, and successful technology transfer model. The cooperation between two sides will implement the featured teaching that is in line with the development of the agricultural biotechnology industry to foster top-notch translation talents of bio-interdisciplinary, promote interactions between academic research and professional techniques, and motivate the development of biotechnology industry and technological upgrading.


  • Goal

     To accelerate the cultivation of top international agricultural biotech talents. After training through the courses, students not only possess academic research competence, but also have more industrialized translation application capabilities. Besides, students not only have a  high degree of scientific understanding and industrial applications, but   also more flexible in using cross-domain thinking to accelerate the innovative development, upgrading of agricultural biotechnology, assisting in enhancing the competitiveness of overall biotechnology research and industry. Ultimately, these talents are capable of leading Taiwan's agricultural biotechnology into the world.


  • Location