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 2020/4/6 9:00 - 4/13/ 16:00 

 ※ Candidates should register online, pay the registration fee and upload the electronically application documents  (PDF file) before the deadline. (including the required documents for review) 

  ※ After the data is uploaded, the application is completed and cannot be modified.


  1. Interview (60%)
  2. Application documents (40%)


  ※ Academia Sinica subsidizes each student with scholarship NT$ 24,000 per month from the first year to the second year.

  ※ After the third year, the research subsidy should be paid by the instructors according to their contribution to the implementation of the research project.


  1. Master's Thesis (New graduate please attach the draft)
  2. Publication 
  3. Future research projects
  4. Recommendation letters for three
  5. Interview Information Sheet
  6. Bachelor and master's academic transcripts
  7. Other relevant information useful for the review
    For recommendation letters, please go to the registration page "Recommendation Letter Assignments" to operate:
    I. Fill in the basic information of the recommender (including name, title, service unit, e-mail, etc.)
    II. Candidates should send the online recommendation letter to the recommender's email address, and the recommender should upload the recommendation letter online.


 3 (including 2 direct Ph.D students)

Direct studying qulification for master / bachelor

  1. New graduates of a bachelor's degree at NCKU
    (with an average grade in the top 50% and with research potential, they can apply directly to a Ph.D degree).
  2. Master's degree students can apply directly to the doctoral degree program, who have completed the first semester with good grades and have research potential.
  3. Qualified students should attach the above application documents and submit them to College of Bioscience and Biotechnology by 2019/4/13.
  4. For other relevant regulations, please refer to the regulations of the Graduate Admissions Guide for Doctoral Programs of NCKU.